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Compliance Certificate

Please see the guidelines below regarding how to receive a Compliance Certificate when buying or selling a property.

To request a Compliance Certificate, please select your property and follow the required steps.

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Guidelines for Buying or Selling a Property

Obtain a Compliance Certificate before transferring title by fixing the PSL, if necessary, and then having an EBMUD inspector witness the PSL verification test (an air or water pressure test of the PSL). The buyer and seller will negotiate who will obtain the Compliance Certificate. Alternatively, you may request a Time Extension Certificate which provides an additional six months for obtaining a Compliance Certificate.

S1. Determine if the existing PSL is in compliance
Determine if the existing PSL meets the requirements of the Regional PSL Ordinance. Hire a plumbing contractor to check for leaks and other defects (the upper lateral only in Alameda and Albany and the entire upper and lower lateral in all other regions). Your contractor will advise you if work is needed (steps S2 & S3) for your PSL to pass the PSL verification test. If no work is required, proceed to step S4 below (except for properties in Emeryville where step S2 is required even if no repair or replacement is performed).

NOTE:During the installation of new gas lines by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), some private sewer laterals may have been pierced or completely bored through - known as a cross bore. Underground Service Alert does not typically mark private sewer laterals and as a result, cross bores may go undetected, and if damaged create a potentially hazardous situation. For gas line cross bore information, visit PG&E's website. A review of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection should also include looking for evidence of a cross bore. If you suspect a gas line cross bore, call PG&E at (800) 743-5000. If you suspect a gas leak, warn inhabitants, evacuate the area and call 911 and PG&E at (800) 743-5000.

S2. Obtain required municipal permits
Cities and counties require that appropriate building and/or sewer permits be obtained before starting any PSL work. See contact information for your property's location.

S3. Repair or replace the PSL
Your contractor will repair or replace the PSL in accordance with the Regional PSL Ordinance and your municipality's requirements.

S4. Schedule a PSL verification test with EBMUD
Select your property, choose your preferred date and time for an EBMUD inspector to witness the PSL verification test that your contractor will set up and perform, and pay the required Compliance Certificate fee online.

Note:Your contractor will set-up and administer the verification test per the provided guidelines. EBMUD will witness the test to confirm that your PSL is leak-free.

Disclaimer: EBMUD issues compliance certificates solely on the basis of the performance of the tested sewer lateral in a verification test performed in the presence of EBMUD personnel. The verification test is designed for the sole purpose of determining whether the tested portion of a sewer lateral is free from leaks at the time the test is performed. By issuing this certificate, EBMUD warrants only that the tested portion of the sewer lateral passed a verification test on the date indicated. EBMUD makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee as to the sewer lateral's existing or future condition or its compliance with the legal standards of any other jurisdiction, including building or construction standards without limitation. EBMUD expressly disclaims any and all warranties, both express and implied, as to the sewer lateral's condition or compliance with legal standards and shall bear no liability in connection therewith.

S5. Pass the verification test and print your certificate
Once the EBMUD inspector verifies that the PSL has passed the verification test, the Compliance Certificate will be available online for printing. Select your property and print your certificate.

S6. Transfer Title
If you are selling a property, provide a copy of the Compliance Certificate to the buyer before the title transfer. If you are buying a property, retain a copy of the Compliance Certificate for your records. Process is complete.

A property owner who has a current, unexpired Compliance Certificate may pay the required fees and request a subsequent verification test for some or all of the PSLs associated with the parcel. If less than all of the PSLs on a parcel pass a new verification test, the Compliance Certificate may be annotated and/or written notification may be sent to a municipality requesting the test to indicate which PSLs passed the verification test. If all of the PSLs associated with the parcel pass a new verification test, a new Compliance Certificate may be issued with an extended deadline based on the work completed.